Eating Mindfully and Yoga!


Do you sometimes keep snacking long after you are full?

Have you ever eaten a meal and afterwards realized you hardly tasted it?

Do you want to enjoy your food more, and learn to listen to your body?

Join us for a mindful eating yoga workshop that aims to increase our awareness so that we can tune into what our bodies really need rather than inflict violence through diets or attempt to self-soothe with food. Through yoga we can learn to listen to our bodies and understand them both emotionally and nutritionally. This lecture combined with yoga and meditation practice will help open the doors of awareness to mindful eating.

We are excited to present this class by Dr. Melissa West, from Ajax, Canada.  Melissa offers a free yoga class via podcast, which I have long been taking advantage of and has been perfect for my ever changing expat schedule.  Can you relate?  Yoga for me when I want it!  What a gift her yoga for every body style of yoga has been for thousands all over the globe.  Now in addition to her free podcasts, Melissa has a membership site with more yoga, webinars, and general support for her students.  Check it out here.

Then come and join us and meet her via Skype.  Here are the details.  Oh, and register in advance.  If you sign up by Wednesday of next week you can come for 20 CHF instead of 25 CHF!!

Where: Noa Yoga – Kleinbasel
When: Sunday, 22nd January 2012 from 13:00 to 15:00
Cost: 20 CHF in advance, 25 at the door
RSVP: Please do.  We’ll send payment info via email.  Our inbox awaits…
Look forward to seeing you there!





P.S.  This is a great precursor for the couples Romance WorkPlayshop I’ll be doing in February.  There you will get a chance to learn about your partner’s favorite seductive meal.  Combine that with mindful eating and watch the sparks fly!

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